Peanut Butter Cookies - RECIPE

Peanut Butter Cookies are a quick and economical alternative to expensive store bought cookies / biscuits. They take no effort to put together and cook in minutes - give them a try!


1/2 Cup of Margerine / Soft Butter
1/2 Cup of Peanut Butter
3/4 Cup of White Sugar
1-2 Teaspoons of Vanilla Essense
1 1/4 Cups of Self Raising Flour (or Plain Flour + 1 Teaspoon of Baking Powder)
1 Egg
1/4 Cup of Water

Preperation Time: 5 minutes
Cooking Time: 25-30 mins

Chocolate Chip Cookies - RECIPE

Chocolate Chip Cookies are without doubt the most popular biscuits in the world. These sweet, comforting treats will always bring a smile to your face!

125g Soft Butter
1/2 Cup of White Sugar
1/2 Cup of Brown Sugar
1/2 Teaspoon of Vanilla
1 Egg (Beaten)
1 3/4 Cups of Self Raising Flour
250g Chocolate Chips

Preperation Time: 10 minutes
Cooking Time: 10-12 minutes (per tray)

Makes Approx. 40 cookies!


Ingredients: serves 4

4 tbls self raising flour
3 tbls sugar
3 tbls nutella
2 tbls cocoa powder
1 egg
3 tbls milk
2 tsp olive oil
serve with double cream & chocolate shavings (optional)

Stuffed Mushrooms - RECIPE

Stuffed Mushrooms are great as a snack, party food or as part of a main course. Mushrooms are stuffed with a delicious filling of ricotta cheese, sun dried tomatoes, fresh basil and cheddar, then baked to perfection. Plus the recipe is easily adapted to suit your own personal tastes - give it a go!


10 Small Cup Mushrooms (stalks removed)
100g Ricotta Cheese
100g Semi Sun-dried Tomatoes (chopped)
2 Tablespoons of Fresh Basil (chopped)
1/4 Cup of Grated Cheddar Cheese
Salt and Pepper
Olive Oil

Preparation Time: About 10 minutes
Cooking Time: About 20 minutes


Home Made Nutella (Chocolate Hazelnut Spread) - RECIPE

Home Made Nutella is a delicious home-style version of the classic Chocolate Hazelnut sandwich spread. Easy to make and guaranteed to keep everyone happy - give it a go!
250g Roasted Hazelnuts (skins removed)
1/4 Cup of Cocoa Powder
1/2 Cup of Caster Sugar (Super Fine White Sugar)
1 Teaspoon of Vanilla Extract / Essence
1/4 Cup of Vegetable Oil

Preparation Time: About 5 minutes

Easy Chocolate Mousse Cake - RECIPE

Chocolate Mousse Cake is a decadent dessert that is easy to make, but very impressive. A cookie crumb base is topped with a rich mixture of fresh cream and dark chocolate. Chilled until set then dusted with grated chocolate, this glorious cake will be a smash hit at your next dinner party - give it a go!


400g Dark Chocolate
600ml Thickened Cream (or any cream suitable for whipping)
2 Teaspoons of Vanilla Extract
200g Chocolate Biscuits (crushed)
100g of Butter (melted)
Milk Chocolate (grated, to garnish)

Preparation Time: About 20 minutes
Chilling Time: About 3 hours


Creamy Lemon Spaghetti - RECIPE

Creamy Lemon Spaghetti is a quick and delicious main meal that can be made in minutes. A rich sauce made with egg yolks, parmesan cheese, lemon juice, zest and cream is poured over hot pasta. Simple yet tasty - perfect for when you don't have a lot of time to cook - give it a go!

250g Spaghetti (or other long pasta)
3 Egg Yolks
50g Butter
1 Cup of Cream
Juice and Zest of 1 Small Lemon
Parmesan Cheese (to taste)

Preparation Time: About 5 minutes
Cooking Time: About 10 minutes


Msemmen - Moroccan Pancake

Msemmen are delicious Moroccan pancakes that are a kind of soft bread. You can eat them withoney, cheese, or any topping of your choice. These are a must try!

NAAN BREAD: Spinach/Cheese & Garlic

Ingredients: (this makes 1 large, 2 medium or 3 small naan)

2 1/2 cups of plain flour
1 large teaspoon of yeast
1 teaspoon of sugar
2 tablespoons of warm water
1/2 teaspoon of salt
1/2 teaspoon of baking powder
3 large tablespoons of natural plain yoghurt
4 tablespoons of milk
1 packet of baby spinach
1 handful of cheese
1 tablespoon of garlic
butter to coat



vegetable oil
1/2 cup of corn kernels
50g of butter
1 cup of brown sugar
1/2 cup of condensed milk
1 teaspoon of vanilla extract

Make popcorn. Then mix other ingredients together over medium heat until melted and combined. Pour over the cooked popcorn and bake in the oven at 160 degrees celsius for about 20 mins. If you don't want to put them in the oven, just leave them to set.



2 x packets of Cadbury chocolate melts (about 250g each)
1 x packet of Jersey Caramels (about 350g) or similar soft caramel chews
1 x 200g packet of short bread biscuits
¼ cup of milk
4 tablespoons of butter

*Make the first layer of chocolate a fairly thin one, you don't want it too thick. Use the rest of the chocolate to dip your bars.
* When preparing your tray with cling film make sure you don't have too many wrinkles in it or it may get stuck in the chocolate!

Food systems: the relationship between health and food science/technology.

Changes in our understanding of diet and health drive changes in the way foods are processed. Conversely, what is available on the shelf will have an impact on the choices consumers make, thereby affecting their health. Historical examples of industrial manipulation of the diet include fortification and enrichment of cereal grains with vitamins; increased production of unsaturated vegetable oils and margarine as substitutions for hydrogenated fat, lard, and butter; lowered cholesterol content foods; reduced sugar content foods; lower sodium foods; decreased portion sizes or caloric density in prepackaged foods for use in weight loss or maintenance; and increased calcium levels to prevent osteoporosis. However, degenerative diseases such as cancer, atherosclerosis, bone disease, arthritis, and dementia will continue to be prevalent in the future. Whether or not the food systems available on the shelf can influence all of these disease states is not clear; however, studies have indicated that nutritional factors do contribute to the development of some of these diseases. Patterns in food consumption have changed and will continue to change as recommendations such as decreased consumption of saturated fats, salt, and cholesterol continue to be made. Increased ingestion of fish and/or fish oil is one recommendation that has been suggested because of the effect of omega-3 fatty acids on platelet aggregability and circulating levels of lipids. Wildly speculating from preliminary studies, fish oil has also been recommended for disease states including arthritis, cancer, and diseases of the immune system.


The old saying ‘you are what you eat’ is very true- if you fill up on unhealthy meals and snacks you’re likely to feel lethargic, bloated and unhealthy.  It’s never been more important to look after your health, especially seeing as the last decade has seen a dramatic surge in obesity and diabetes.  Some people blame their health problems on the fact that healthy food can be more expensive than buying junk food; however this doesn’t have to be the case.  You can buy healthy food at eat out at restaurants for reasonable prices.   Here is a guide on how to eat more healthily, for less…

Eating Out? Go for the healthy option…

Just because you’re going out to eat doesn’t mean that you have to have three stodgy courses topped off with a bottle of wine and a cappuccino.  Every course means that the calories are mounting up, and it doesn’t do much good to your bank balance either!  When eating out, always be aware of the little touches that the restaurant will make to what seem like healthy dishes, like salad dressing, grated cheese or the addition of bread.  This is what makes the meal more calorific.  If this restaurant is good enough it will cater to your needs, so just ask them to make things plain, or go for the healthier option, for example, jacket potato instead of fries.  To eat out for less, always do a search online for any restaurant vouchers that may be available- you could bag yourself a massive discount.

Buy Locally

In the age of convenience, it’s so easy to simply go to the one store and do your complete weekly shop there.  Supermarkets stock such a big variety of stock under one roof, even clothing, so it’s possible to only use the one shop for a variety of purchases.  Unfortunately, supermarkets are nor the cheapest option, or the greenest option.  Your home town is likely to have a butchers and an independent fruit and veg shop.  These outlets are cheaper to buy from for a number of reasons.  The main reason is that their produce is likely to be local, meaning that it has cost less money to hit the shelves.  Also, these shops do not waste materials and cut right back on packaging, meaning that your food can be bought for less.  This means that you can buy healthy fruit and veg as well as lean meat for a considerable amount less than in the supermarkets.  But simply changing where you shop you can become healthier and richer all at once.

Cut Back on Meat

Meat is probably the most expensive item on anyone’s shopping list. Also, you can have too much red meat which can give you a higher chance of developing heart problems.  So make your body and wallet happier by opting for dishes that don’t contain meat.  Dishes like pasta, soup and stir fry’s don’t need meat to be tasty- just add a load of veggies and their flavour will shine through.

Don’t Waste Food

UK households waste an average (but growing) £10.2 billion per year by throwing away perfectly edible food. This is a shocking figure, especially seeing as we’ve seen the price of food grow steadily over the course of the recession.  Create a food plan before you go shopping and stick to the list.  Only buy things that can be used in a number of different dishes, and make sure your timetable will ensure that you use all of the food you buy.

Drink Tap Water

Many families and couples spend a small fortune on fizzy drinks, squash and alcoholic drinks each week, when there is a cheaper and healthier option at home in your kitchen.  Government guidelines say that we should be drinking up to 8 glasses of water per day, and the pros of being hydrated shouldn’t be compromised- look forward to higher concentration levels, clearer skin and more energy.  Put those bottles of sugar laden soft drinks and reach for the tap, and save yourself some money

Creme Caramel - RECIPE



3/4 Cup of White Sugar
1/2 Cup of Water


4 Eggs
1/4 Cup of White Sugar
1/2 Cup of Water
375ml Can of Evaporated Milk (or cream suitable for whipping)

Preparation Time: 20 minutes
Cooking Time: 25 minutes + Chilling Time


Chocolate Peanut Butter Fudge - RECIPE


375g Milk Chocolate Buttons / Chips
125g Unsalted Butter
150g Smooth Peanut Butter
12 Sweet Biscuits / Cookies (or 1/2 Cup of Crushed Nuts)

Preparation Time: 5 minutes
Chilling Time: 20 minutes

Lemon Cheesecake Cookies - RECIPE



250g of Soft Butter
2/3 Cup of Icing Sugar
1 Teaspoon of Vanilla Extract
1/3 Cup of Custard Powder
2 Cups of Plain Flour


1 Cup of Icing Sugar
100g of Philadelphia Style Cream Cheese (soft)
2 Tablespoons of Lemon Juice

Preparation Time: About 15 minutes
Cooking Time: About 20 minutes per tray


Dessert Pizza

1 package Pillsbury Sugar Cookie Dough
1 package Cream Cheese
1/3 Cup Sugar
Red food coloring (optional)
your favorite fruits :)


Ingredients: (serves 8)

2 teaspoons olive oil
1 large onion finely chopped
2 carrots peeled and finely chopped
2 celery sticks, finely chopped
1 zucchini finely chopped
1 tbs garlic paste
500g or 1lb of lean beef mince
2 cans crushed tomatoes
1 and ½ cups beef stock
2 tbs tomato paste
2 tsp dried oregano
Instant Lasagna sheets

Cheese Sauce:

1/3 cup cornflour
3 cups skim milk
100g cheddar cheese grated



1/2 cup castor sugar
2 tsp vanilla extract
1/2 cup of milk
50g melted butter
2 cups plain flour
2 tsp baking powder
1 and 1/2 cups icing sugar
1 egg



1 cup water
100g unsalted butter
2 cups plain flour
1/4 tsp salt
2 eggs,
Vegetable oil, to deep-fry
1/2 cup icing sugar mixture, sifted

Sweet and crispy chicken wings

Dak kang jung is another popular traditional Korean dish and is usually made with chunks of chicken from a whole chicken. But I'm using chicken wings with the same recipe. Each chicken wing is coated with a sweet and crispy sauce, it's really mouthwatering.

Ingredients:40 pieces of chicken wings, salt, flour, starch powder, eggs, ground pepper, vegetable oil, ginger,soy sauce, brown sugar, corn syrup (mulyeot), vinegar, peanuts, sesame seeds, dried andcrushed red hot chili pepper.

Bread and Deep fry:
1. Prepare 40 chicken wings or chunks of chicken, rinse them off in cold water and drain them.
2. Transfer the chicken into a big bowl.
3. Add 2 ts of salt, 1 ts of ground pepper, 2 eggs, and the mixture of ½ cup of flour and ½ cup of starch powder. Mix it by hand.
4. Deep fry the chicken wings in vegetable oil 2 times at about 350-380 degrees (F).
Sauce for coating:
1. Prepare a big wok or pan.
2. Place 1 cup of water in the wok and heat it up.
3. Slice 1 cup of ginger thinly after peeling the skin off and washing, and add it into the boiling water.
4. Add 2 tbs of soy sauce, 1 cup of brown sugar, ¼ cup of vinegar and boil it over medium heat.
5. 5 minutes after, add 1 cup of corn syrup and keep boiling over low medium heat about 30 minutes.
6. Raise a spoon of the sizzling sauce above the wok in the air and drop it until the sauce begins stopping halfway. Then turn off the stove.
Mix it up:
1. Reheat the sauce.
2. Add the deep fried chicken, 1 cup of peanuts (or any kind of nuts), 1/2 tbs dried red hot chili pepper, and ½ cup of toasted sesame seeds into the sizzling sauce and mix it with a spatula. The amount of sticky sauce will decrease while you are stirring. Then turn off the heat and you are done!
Tip: Before the chicken cools down, you may have to separate each piece of chicken wings to prevent them from sticking to each other.
For spicy food lover:You can sprinkle 2 tbs of dried and crushed red chili pepper instead of 1/2 tbs.
For vegetarians:Just make the sauce following the recipe above, and then add whatever dried ingredients you like and make candy! You can use sliced ginger, nuts (almond, walnuts, pine nuts, and peanuts), or sesame seeds.
1. Place plastic wrap on your cutting board
2. After mixing all the dried ingredients with the sticky sauce, spread it on the plastic wrapper on your cutting board. Wait a few minutes for it to harden.
3. Cut it into bite size pieces and enjoy!

Potato side dishes

Here are 2 kind of side dishes ("gamja jorim" and "gamja chae bokkeum") using potatoes. Many Koreans prepare these for their children as part of their school lunch menus.

Potato with soy sauce("gamja jorim")
Gamja jorim (potato side dish) used to be my regular lunch box menu. My mother sometimes added small dried anchovies and carrot, and sometimes she added ham cut into dice like potato. I used to make this all the time as my children's lunch box side dish, too.

2-3 medium sized potatoes, onion, 2 cloves garlic, soy sauce, 1 tbs corn syrup, 1 tbs sugar, half cup of water.
1. Peel the potatoes, wash, and cut them into 1 inch dice and make 2 cups.
2. Rinse the potato using colander in running water to remove starch.
3. Cut half onion into bite sized pieces.
4. Heat the pan and add 1-2 tbs olive oil and pour the potato into the pan.
5. Add 2 cloves of minced garlic and sauté it until the potato look a little translucent, then add the onion and keep stirring it.
6. Add half cup of water into the pan, 2 tbs -- 2½ tbs soy sauce (depends on your taste), 1 tbs of sugar, 1 tbs of corn syrup and mix it and simmer it over medium heat for about 10 minutes until the liquid is evaporated.Tip: Keep checking and stirring not to burn it and to cook evenly, if it needs more water, add some.
7. When the potato is cooked, turn off the stove and add 1 tbs of sesame oil and sprinkle a pinch of sesame seeds.

Potato with mushroom("gamjachae bokkeum")
This potato dish can be made without mushrooms.I found the taste turns out very good when king oyster mushroom is added. By using king oyster mushroom, this color of dish is still clean white. If you don't have mushrooms, just use potato as it is.

1 medium size of potatoes, 2 cloves garlic, 2 king oyster mushrooms, half onion, ½ ts to 1 ts of salt, 1 to 2 tbs olive oil, 1 tbs sesame oil, 4 to 5 tbs of water.
Tip: If you only use potatoes, use 2 medium size potatoes and ½ cup of water.
1. Peel the potatoes and wash and cut them into julienne strips.
2. Wash the potato in running water using a colander to remove starch.
3. Cut the mushrooms into julienne strips.
4. Slice the onion and mince 2 cloves of garlic.
5. In a heated pan, add 2 tbs of olive oil and add the potato strips. Stir it with a wooden spoon for 1 minute.
6. Add 4-5 tbs water and lower the heat over lower heat to cook and stir it.
7. Cover the lid of the pan and simmer it for a few minutes.
8. Open the lid and add garlic and the mushroom strips and sauté until potato strips are fully cooked.
9. Add ½ ts to1 ts of salt (depends on your taste), 1 tbs of sesame oil and turn off the heat.
10. Garnish with chopped red pepper and green onion.


*Begin recipe day before*
*9-inch spring form pan*
10 graham crackers, crushed
6 T unsalted butter, melted
1 T sugar
Pinch of salt
(5) 8-oz. packages cream cheese (2 ½ lbs)
1 ½ c sugar
5 whole eggs
2 egg yolks
½ c sour cream
½ t lemon zest
1 ½ t vanilla
Topping (optional):
melted chocolate, fruit sauce, whipped cream, etc

Naan Bread Recipe by Manjula, Indian Vegetarian Gourmet


Recipe makes 6 Naans
2 cups all purpose flour
1 teaspoon active dry yeast
1 teaspoon salt
1 teaspoon sugar
Pinch of baking soda
2 tablespoons oil
21/2 tablespoons yogurt
3/4cup look warm water
1 teaspoon clear butter or ghee
1/4 cup all purpose flour for rolling

Dahi Vada Recipe by Manjula, Indian Vegetarian Cuisine

Make about 30 Vadas:
3/4 cup wash moong dal
1/4 cup wash urad dal
Oil to fry

For garnishing:
1 1/2cup yogurt
1 teaspoon salt
1/2teaspoon red chilly powder
1/2teaspoon roasted cumin seed powder
3 tablespoon tamarind chutney

Moong Dal Vadas ( Bhajia, Pakoras, Lentil Fritters) Recipe by Manjula


1 cup split wash moong dal (available in Indian grocery stores)
1 cup potatoes boiled peeled and shredded
Approx. 2 tablespoon finely chopped cilantro (hara dhania)
1 green chili minced adjust to taste
1 tablespoon finely grated ginger
1 teaspoon cumin seeds (jeera)
1/8 teaspoon asafetida (hing)
1/8 teaspoon of baking soda
1 teaspoon salt adjust to taste
Oil to fry

Asian hot wings

2-3 lb chicken wins
1 Tbsp Chinese five spice
1-2 Tbsp oyster sauce
2 clove minced garlic
2 Tbsp minced ginger
1/2 cup coconut juice or chicken broth
1/2-1 cup hot sauce (add more if you wish)
1-2 Tbsp flake chilli (very exstrem spicy)

NOTE: The second and very easy way to make is just deep fried chicken wings until done, then coast them with hot sauce and flake chili..

Tortilla Soup

Here in Southern California, Mexican food is as common as burgers and fries. 

But for a really authentic Mexican restaurant, head to Olvera Street in Downtown Los Angeles.

During my visit to Olvera Street, I enjoyed some great Mexican recipes, from the crunchy beef taquitos at Cielito Lindo, to the soft carne asada tacos at La Noche Buena.

I ended my visit with some homemade churros, dusted in cinnamon and sugar. They're the ultimate portable dessert!

One of the dishes I enjoyed most was tortilla soup which can be made several ways.

Today we are making Chicken Tortilla Soup. Now let's get started on this easy tortilla soup recipe. 

If you have leftover chicken or leftover turkey making mexican tortilla soup is a great way to use up your leftovers for a second meal. 

After roasting a chicken (and eating most of it), I've still got plenty of great meat I can peel off. Make sure you only get the meat. You don't want any chicken fat, which does not have much flavor. Cut into bite size pieces. You'll want roughly 2 cups of diced chicken.

After I dice up the cooked chicken it's time to get the rest of the ingredients together.

Here is the recipe:

2 cups diced cooked chicken
2 tablespoons butter
2 celery stalks, sliced
2 carrots, sliced
Half an onion, chopped
Small bunch of cilantro leaves, roughly chopped
2 cloves garlic, minced
1/4 teaspoon cayenne pepper
1/2 teaspoon dried oregano
1 tablespoon ground cumin
1 tablespoon ground chili powder
15 ounce can tomato sauce
2 quarts chicken stock or broth

1 avocado, sliced into lengthwise strips
1/2 cup shredded cheddar cheese
2 corn tortillas, cut into strips and fried (You can cheat with crumbled tortilla chips)

Preheat your soup pot on medium high. Add butter. Melt it down, and add the carrots, celery and onion. Stir down for 3 minutes.

Add garlic and cilantro. Stir another minute.

Add diced cooked chicken and spices. Stir another minute, coating the chicken with the spices.

Add tomato sauce. Let thicken for a couple minutes, then add the broth or stock. Bring back to a rapid boil, then set heat to low and simmer uncovered for about 30 minutes.

While the soup is simmering, fry your tortilla strips at 375 degrees about 1-2 minutes. Drain and set aside. You can also shred the cheese and slice the avocado at this time.

After 30 minutes, check the soup. Add salt to taste. I don't usually add more than a teaspoon of salt.

Garnish with tortilla strips, shredded cheese and avocado wedges. Enjoy!

Creamy Potato Soup Recipe

One of America's favorite comfort foods, potato soup is served everywhere from steakhouses to country diners. Hi, I'm chef Jason Hill of Chef Tips and today we're making a creamy potato soup recipe that's dressed up with smoked gouda cheese.

If you can't find smoked gouda, a steakhouse secret to that creamy texture is a processed cheese such as Velveeta.

Creamy Potato Cheese Soup

1 tablespoon dried basil
1/2 stick (4 tablespoons) butter
2 cups shredded smoked Gouda cheese
6 small red potatoes, diced and reserved in cold water to prevent browning
2 diced carrots
2 diced celery stalks
1 white onion, diced
1 teaspoon garlic-shallot puree (or 2 cloves garlic, crushed)
2 cups heavy cream
6 cups chicken broth

Turn stock pot on medium high. Melt butter. Add celery, onion, carrots. Cook down until onions are transluscent. Add basil and garlic-shallot puree. After 3 minutes, add potatoes and stir another 3 minutes. 

Carefully pour in 6 cups chicken broth. Boil for 20 minutes, then stir in a roux made from 4 tablespoons flour and 4 tablespoons butter. 

Wait a few minutes for the soup to thicken slightly. Add cream. Whisk and simmer for 20 minutes. 

Slowly stir in cheese and melt it down. After cheese is melted, pour into bowls and season with salt and fresh cracked pepper.

Chocolate Swirl Cheesecake - No bake recipe


250g packet chocolate cookies
75g unsalted butter
85g chocolate
250g cream cheese
250g ricotta
2/3 cup (150g) caster sugar
250ml thickened cream

Chocolate Mousse

100g dark chocolate morsels (75% cocoa)
2 cups mineral water
3 cups tap water
10-15 ice cubes


1. In a medium sized broiler, on low heat, mix mineral water with chocolate morsels until smooth.
2. In a large bowl, mix tap water with ice cubs. 
3. Place melted chocolate into a medium sized bowl.
4. Place medium sized bowl in large sized bowl so that it is resting on the ice water.
5. Mix melted chocolate on high speed with motorized mixer for seven minutes.

100g chocolate 75% Cocoa
1.Melt the chocolate in a double broiler at low heat.warm the chocolate in a pot on a very low fire
2.Fill the pot with cold water (with the ice)
3. Take a round bowl (the same one in our video) and put the bowl into a bowl of water (the one with the ice)
4. Gently pour the hot chocolate into the bowl and start slowly whisk the hot chocolate. Slowly you will notice the chocolate becomes Mousse.



200 Grams ( 7.05 Ounces ) of chocolate
1 Cup of pure icing sugar ( sifted )
Half a tablespoon of oil
1 tablespoon of milk
1/4 of a teaspoon of peppermint extract
5 drops of green food colouring



50 Grams ( 1.75 Ounces ) unsalted butter
1 Can or 395 grams ( 14 Ounces ) of sweetened condensed milk
400 Grams ( 14 Ounces ) of Dark chocolate - Milk chocolate is okay to use

How to make Macarons


3 egg whites
castor sugar (75g)
ground almonds (125g)
icing sugar (175g)
flavourings, any of your choice
food colourings, any of your choice
fillings, any of your choice


Ingredients: serves 6

6 scoops vanilla ice cream (or any flavor you wish)
1 cup cornflake crumbs
2 eggs
vege oil for frying



200g Dark Chocolate
1 cup Flour
1 cup sugar
3 egg yolks
2 eggs
3 tsp cocoa
1 tsp vanilla
100g butter (for chocolate & lining pots)

* Serve with cream, ice cream, dust with icing sugar

How To Make a Chocolate Trifle: Chocolate Dessert Recipe

With a name like "Chocolate Passion Bowl", how could this treat be anything but decadent and delicious?  It's also surprisingly easy to make. Michele McAdoo from the Kraft Kitchens shows how to make this layered chocolate dessert.

Prep Time: 20 min
Total Time: 1 hr 20 min
Servings: 16 servings, about 2/3 cup each

- 3 cups cold milk
- 2 pkg. (3.9 oz each) JELL-O Chocolate Instant Pudding
- 1 tub (8 oz.) COOL WHIP Whipped Topping, thawed, divided
- baked 9-inch square brownie layer, cooled, cut into 1-inch cubes (about 5-1/2 cups)
- 1 pt. (2 cups) raspberries

Beat milk and pudding mixes with whisk 2 min. Stir in 1 cup COOL WHIP.

Place 1/2 of brownies in 2-qt. bowl; top with layers of 1/2 each pudding mixture, remaining COOL WHIP and raspberries. Repeat all layers.

Refrigerate1 hour.

- For something extra special, chop 2 chocolate-coated caramel-peanut nougat bars (2.07 oz. each). Assemble dessert as directed, topping each layer of raspberries with layer of 1/2 the chopped nougat bars.
- Substitute 1 pkg. (12 oz.) marble pound cake, cubed, for the baked brownie square and/or undrained thawed frozen raspberries for the fresh raspberries.




Cumin seed
12 gr
Coriander seed
12 gr
Caraway seed
12 gr
Chili pepper
12 gr
Lemon juice, freshly squeezed
1 lemon
Garlic, peeled and minced
3 cloves
To taste

Method of Preparation:

1.         Gather all the ingredients and equipment.
2.         Toast cumin seed, coriander seed, caraway seed and chili pepper in a dry pan, then grind.
3.         Add lemon juice, garlic, and salt.


4-6 servings




Avocados, ripe
2 each
Onion, roasted and quartered
1 medium
Tomato, roasted and quartered
1 small
Garlic, roasted and peeled
3 cloves
Hot chilies, roasted
1 or 2
Lime, juice, freshly squeezed
1 lime
Cilantro, chopped
3 gr
To taste


1.         Mise en place.
2.         Spoon the avocado pulp into a bowl and crush it; the mixture should not look pureed.
3.         Chop the onion, tomato, garlic and chilies, and mix into the avocado.  Add the lime juice and stir in the cilantro and salt.
4.         Serve with tortilla chips.

Macaroni and Cheese

(American pasta with cheese)

4-6 servings


Macaroni                                                                               230 gr
Butter                                                                                    30 gr
Flour                                                                                      30 gr
Milk                                                                                       470 ml
Sharp Cheddar cheese, shredded                                         450 gr or 680 gr
Salt and white pepper                                                                       to taste

  1. Mise en place
1.      Cook the macaroni according to package directions. Drain, toss with a little butter and set aside.
2.      Preheat oven to 175ºC. In a medium saucepan melt the butter over medium heat. Whisk in the flour and let it cook and bubble for 1 or 2 minutes. Do not brown or burn.
3.      Whisk in the cold milk all at once, beating out any lumps. Bring to a boil, reduce heat to low, and simmer until thickened, 10 to 15 minutes.
4.      Remove the sauce from heat and stir in the cheese until melted. Season to taste with salt and white pepper.
5.      In a large bowl, mix together the cheese sauce and the cooked macaroni. Pour into a buttered baking dish and bake, uncovered for 20 to 25 minutes to heat through and brown the top.

·         Try using a mixture of cheeses — Cheddar, Jack, Parmesan, Gouda. Some cooks swear by Velveeta.
·         Top with extra shredded cheese before baking if you like.
·         Substitute half the milk with half-and-half for a creamier result.
·         For a crispy, gratinéed result, top the macaroni and cheese with about 110 gr of fresh bread crumbs dot with 15 gr of butter and bake. Or use crumbled potato chips.
·         Use different varieties of pasta for a texture change.
·         Stir in some chopped ham, chopped tomatoes or minced herbs (parsley, thyme) before baking. Sprinkle the top with a little paprika. Add a splash of Worcestershire sauce or 10 gr of dried ground mustard. Use your imagination
·         Stir in 50 ml mayonnaise before baking to add creaminess.